Favorable Comments from The U.S. Review of Books for “Until Death Do You Part”

Father of the Grooms

Reviewer Mark Helsey of the U.S. Review of books found much to like in my novel, “Until Death Do You Part: An Americal Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins.” Feeling an apparent need for a critic to be critical of the works he reviews, he found few grammatical errors (Try to write a write a 400-page book without any, if you think that it is easy.) and at times he thought I added too much information and on other occasions not enough. He concluded, “Readers who enjoy a skillful handling of settings and atmosphere will find this work resonates with their tastes. Also, those who like a good adventure with a nice bit of action focused on relatable characters in unusual situations should find this novel an enjoyable read.

The complete review appears below:

book review by Mark Heisey
“Frank took the gun from Roger, slapped in another magazine, pointed it…

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