Telephone Business Consultations

Hovey as news anchor

One reason that I started Hovey’s Knives of China is to illustrate that new, innovative businesses may be started by anyone, anywhere in today’s interconnected world. This Fall I will have exposure in Print Media, Radio and TV where I will offer one-hour telephone consultations on business topics related to my book, Ideas for New Businesses: Finding ideas for starting your million or billion dollar business.

Most will use this call to get my opinions on the practicality of a new business concept and their approach to it. Any number of people may participate in this call. I will do a follow up with a written report for $200 to summarize the call and give you my opinions in writing. There is no obligation for future consultations or contracts. I will provide an independent, unbiased opinion on the potentially favorable and unfavorable aspects of your new concept and the best way for you to proceed.

To set up a call send me an E-mail to stating what you want to discuss. If I feel that I can help you I will respond, and we can set  up a time for the consultation.  I have experiences in outdoor-related businesses, service-related businesses, private consulting, retail trade and international joint ventures.

I already have 20 free YouTube videos up on new business formation treating everything from generating the concept to selecting a name to passing it on after your death.  These videos may be viewed at any time by doing a Google of “Hovey business video.”

I recently did a video with Ric Bratton of This Week America discussing new business start-ups and why everyone should have a reserve business plan ready to go should they lose their job or unexpectedly need more money. You can see this interview as a YouTube at:

I encourage you to use this service to get an unbiased opinion on the likelihood that your new venture will accomplish whatever your financial goals might be and how to proceed. Starting a new business is a daunting prospect, but it consist of small steps, accomplished one at the time. I will help guide you through this process.



Hovey Smith’s Knives of China wins Business Prize at SEOPA Conference

Hovey Shoots a Bullseye with SEOPA Outdoor Entrepreneur Project Award


Lakeland, Florida, Oct. 6. Hovey’s Knives of China, a new knife-making company based in Sandersville, Georgia, won the First Place Award for an Outdoor Entrepreneur Project at the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association’s (SEOPA) annual meeting in Lakeland, Florida.

This award is sponsored by Mossy Oak Brand Camo and includes a plaque along with a cash prize. The award is part of SEOPA’s Excellence in Crafts competition where members compete in categories for the best newspaper, magazine, book, video and other media published during the contest period. The Outdoor Entrepreneur Project is unusual in that it is, “Any original activity, product or service created between the contest dates by the entrant and related to the outdoors demonstrating creativity and risk-taking, and designed to produce a profit…”


The creative aspects of the new company is that more than 15 patterns of cooking knives have been made based on ancient designs used during the Chinese Bronze Age and now made of modern materials for today’s Chefs and cooks. The designs had undergone hundreds of years of development and were used as inspiration for a series of cooking knives that are more efficient than any in use today.


Risks in launching any new product in the culinary market are that knives are durable tools, a wide variety of styles are already available at sometimes nearly give-away prices and low-volume production custom-made knives must command premium prices in order to be profitable. For those who cannot afford costly hand-made products, many low-cost substitutes are readily available.

New cooking knives must have distinctive designs, high quality, be demonstrably functional and aggressively marketed to be successful in today’s market. A low-volume maker cannot hope to compete in price against inexpensive unlicensed copies made in China and elsewhere. Patents offer no protection in today’s knife market, as even most minor variation in design or materials may be claimed to be a new knife, and the cost of lengthy court battles would quickly consume any profit from the products.

Considering these realities, the business plan for Hovey’s Knives of China is to produce the knives and license their designs to anyone who wishes to make them for a small royalty. The knives are so distinctive as to be unmistakable, regardless of who makes them. Hovey’s Knives will recognize, display and publicize knives made under license by custom makers and larger manufacturers at trade shows and other events. This way these eminently useful knife patterns will be quickly available worldwide to anyone who wishes to make dishes of quality and character using effective tools that have ancient cultural roots.

Low cost publicity about these knives is being produced through social medial including some 30 YouTube videos about the knives on a dedicated channel, blogs (, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other outlets. Added publicity on these knives will also result from reviews in magazines, newspapers and TV outlets.

Prototype production has begun at a new shop located in Sandersville, Georgia, and custom production of stainless steel designs will start in January, 2017, following an extensive period of product testing.

According to Hovey Smith, the company’s founder and owner, “We are now testing designs, hardening techniques, evaluating steels and production methods in the field and kitchen to make these designs. Each knife will be custom made. We have a variety of patterns and sizes to fit the users’ hands and satisfy their needs. The new designs include left and right-handed versions of chopping knives, fish-cleaning knives, utility knives, paring knives, cleavers and sushi and lox-cutting knives along with a special design for caterers.

“This isn’t all. We also have the “Billy Joe Rubideoux” line of forged knives, such as might have been made in the Lower Louisiana Delta by a fictional cook and entrepreneur from whatever materials he had at hand to make the tools he needed. Included in this group are a Chef’s and bread knife along with a sharpening steel made from an 150-year-old scythe blade and a rib flipper and forge cleaner made from a piece of lawnmower steel. A version of the “rib flipper” will be produced as a commercial product.

“We have an exciting adventure ahead of us, in bringing these eminently useful new knives to market, and I look forward to showing people how to use them to make some dishes that may not been seen for 1000 years.”


For additional information contact Hovey Smith at or call (478) 552-7455. Cooking demonstrations with the knives and media visits to the shop are available to media representatives by prior arrangement along with limited overnight housing.


Blade Show Catalog, 2016

The International Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria is always an informative exciting event. For this year’s show I put together what is our first catalog of the items that we had on display at the show at our booth  16 U. I expect that we will be relocating to another spot next year that more in keeping with our product line of cooking knives. Some prototype knives will be sold  on E-Bay with many coming with CDs regarding their derivation, production and/or use. The first will be available by mid-July.

Hovey’s Knives of China

Signature Series Knives

Order Form, June, 2016

Banner on table with knives


Congratulations on considering an order for one of our Signature Knives. Besides having the unique design characteristics of all of our knives, the Signature series is all about producing true custom knives, one by one, designed for the user. Ultimately, you may be able to purchase licensed and unlicensed copies of my knives produced by any number of makers for much less money. I realize that paying as little as possible is significant if you are a young cook just starting out. Purchase the knock-off knives now if you must, but someday let me work with you and show you the pleasures of owning the real thing.

 Hovey’s Knives of China Signature knives are made only for you and for what you need your cooking knife to do. This is the equivalent to going to London and having a shirt custom made for you by a Bond Street tailor.

 Such knives are not inexpensive and they are not produced rapidly. You will find that they will perform better than any knife you have ever used, or we will make it so. Our blade steels are the best that we can obtain to sustain your needs. At present all Signature Blades will be made of 440 C stainless. This is a workable standard for modern cutlery use. It will dull, as will all steels, and will need to be periodically sharpened, as any knowledgeable Chef would do.

 On some knives the points are very delicate. These are a pleasure to work with. When carving meat they are like pushing a knife through soft cheese. However, they will not accept any bending stress. If you assistant cook tries to break a meat joint with one, the point will very likely snap off the first time that stupid mistake is tried. Nor is this point designed for that or prying open cans. Any cook who tries that with one of these knives may find his skills better employed working in a salvage yard. This is the reason that some of my knives are offered without points. If sent back to us, broken points can be restored a few times. However, the ultimate result may be that the knife becomes a truncated-blade knife which is still a very useful and durable shape. It is also safer in a flat-ended blades is less likely to go through a shoe should it fall from a table.

 First a few blunt facts. The least expensive of these knives start at $200 for the handleless Point Square series. The most expensive set that we currently offer is a $10,000 three-knife package. You come to Whitehall for three days. We talk knives and cook together, and you decide which of three of our knives you would like us to make for you. The knives are roughed out and fitted to your hand and tried while you are still here. Once that is done, the three knives are completed and mailed to you along with a video of your visit and how the knives were made. You may bring, at your expense, a companion who might also be a translator if you speak something other than English.

 A feature that we offer with this package is that when you pass on and if two of the knives are returned to us, we will purposefully break the blade of the larger knife and return it to your family, framed with a black flock and corner photo of you made while you were here. The other knife will be reconditioned and presented to a young Chef whose cooking style and techniques best match your own. This presentation will be made at the International Blade Show in Atlanta, or some other venue. Not only will these acts celebrate your life, but will also inspire new Chefs to cook dishes of care, quality and spirit using your knife. In return, when the recipient passes on or withdraws from the business, the knife is returned to us for another reconditioning and presentation.

 Knife Orders

 $10,000 three knife custom package

 Hovey's Knives of China June 2016 on pegboard

 You may select any three of these patterns, a new pattern or we will design knives for your use.

     $1,000 deposit to reserve dates    $5,000 after fitting

     $4,000 on approval of photos of finished knives prior to shipment

 One round of alterations to these knives is allowed at no charge. Subsequent repairs due to normal wear will be charged at customary rates, such as $50 plus shipping for regrinding a point.

 You and one other person, if desired, can fly to Atlanta at your expense. I will pick you up at the airport, if desired, and bring you to Whitehall. Room and meals will be provided for three days and your return to Atlanta, if needed. Please bring, or gather, any ingredients that you need to cook your specialty dishes. This cooking together and cooking observations will allow me to make the best recommendations for your knives and for you to try the knives in real-world situations. I live a rustic, rural lifestyle and have one bath in the house. If you wish to stay elsewhere at your expense, there are nearby motels.

 Name 1.________________________________________

 Name 2.________________________________________



 Zip Code_______________________________________

 E-mail address_________________________________


 Telephone no.__________________________________

 Cell Phone_____________________________________

 Payment Method Cash__ Money Order__Company Check__

               Pay Pal (add 20% surcharge)___




Small Utility Knife “The Caterer’s Friend”

 One of our most popular patterns, The Caterer’s Friend, is offered with a truncated point and choice of either a single ground in right or left-

Small Utility Caterer s Friend

This prototype version is in carbon steel. Production blades will be in 440 C stainless. The jade-wood grip material is in limited supply and may be discontinued.

 -handed versions or with a double-ground blade. The single-ground blade is preferred for precision cutting. It is used not only to cut small vegetables, but also to spread mixes on bread, and even the head of the hilt is sometimes employed to grind lumps of salt, sugar etc. to a uniform powder. This product is frequently presented as a gift to a Caterer by a host in recognition of a “job well done.”

 Base Price $300

__Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                       __Micarta

 __Right Handed                      __Cocobolo


 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips $60.



Medium Utility Knife

 Medium utility on pegboard

These prototype versions are in carbon steel with brown Micarta grips, production knives will be in 440C Stainless. Top knife has a double-ground blade and the bottom a single-ground blade. 

 The larger brother to the Small Utility Knife, this knife has a longer blade and larger grips intended for those with medium-sized hands. It is offered with the same options. The single ground blade version is available in right or left-handed versions. This blade grind is preferred for more precision cutting.

 Base Price $350 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                       __Micarta

 __Right Handed                      __Cocobolo


 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips $60.



Bok Choy Chopper


The Bok Choy Chopper shown here with pencil-point blade and cherry grips. This is a carbon-steel prototype knife, production knives will be of 440C stainless.

Bok Choy Chopper 

 In regards to both appearance and general usefulness, the Bok Choy Chopper is my personal favorite of these designs. It has sufficient blade length to be a useful chopper, the version with a pencil point works for very fine cutting on a variety of materials while the truncated version makes for a strong knife that may be used in any kitchen. If broken, the pencil point may be reground a limited number of times; but may ultimately become a truncated-point knife.

 Base Price $400 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                       __Micarta

 __Right Handed                      __Cocobolo

 __Truncated Point                   __Cherry*

 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips or refresh points is $70.



Pepper and Small Veggy Knife

 Pepper knife on pegboard

This prototype knife is shown made of carbon steel, but production versions will be in 440C stainless. The jade grip material is in short supply and may be discontinued.

 This cleaver-looking knife is not made for forceful chopping, but is a broad-bladed knife with a thin blade intended to work peppers, medium-sized fruit and meats. It may be used as a spatula, scraper, to stir a pot or even as a server without having to reach for three or four different implements. It is offered as a single (recommended) or double-ground blade with a distinctive scooped out front point so the knife can be grasped at the end of the blade for delicate cutting as well as used for its intended chopping purposes. Of all the knives in this series, this blade, when used for the medium-weight cutting for which it was designed, is the most versatile of these designs in either right or left-handed versions with a single-ground blade.

 Base Price $400 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                       __Micarta

 __Right Handed                      __Cocobolo

 __Truncated Point                   __Cherry*

 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips is $70.


The Cabbage and Duck Chopper

 Cabbage and Duck chopper

While this prototype is made of carbon steel, production blades will be made of 440C stainless.

 An impressive knife by any standards the Cabbage and Duck Chopper is the largest knife offered in the Hovey’s Knives of China Series. This knife is designed, as were the original bronze versions, meant to be used not like the cleaver with a forceful downward swing of the blade by using downward pressure applied to the top of the blade and long handle to cut through cabbages and break through duck carcasses. This Chopper, The Cleaver (not ready yet) and the long handled Rib Flipper are made of heavier gauge steel that is cut less frequently that other knives in this series. There may be delays in delivery while sufficient orders accumulate to cut a piece of steel.

 Base Price $550 + 50 for using your handle material                   

 Grip Options

 __Cherry**                      __Tea Olive



*Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips is $70.


 The Point Series

The point series on peg board

On left and right are two Point Squares shown with a strong truncated point on the left and a pencil point on the right. These are grasped in the palm of the hand with the index finger resting on the top of the blade. The central knife, The Point, does not have the square cut-out and works well for those with smaller hands, while The Point Square does better for those with medium-sized hands. Not shown is a version of the Point Square for larger hands.

 Points are generally overrated on kitchen knives. Most of the work that cooking knives do is slicing or dicing; not stabbing and jabbing. However, there are times when a point is required for delicate carving of thin meats or doughs into decorative shapes or for the sportsman to use for delicate work in skinning an animal. These are extremely useful, very small, light-weight knives that not only have uses in the kitchen, but also in backpackers or hunters packs.

 Base Price $200

 __The Point

 __The Point Square Truncated Blade

 __The Point Square Pencil Point Blade

 __The Point Square Truncated Blade Large (not shown)

__The Point Square Pencil Point Blade Large (not shown)



The Fish Knife

Fish knife 

The fish knife is a derivation of the Eskimo Ulu in that it has a central handle, but one end is shaped as a sharp gut hook to open large fish at the vent and the other with a point to cut out internal organs and scrape them from the body cavity. The blade, with a different grasp, is also useful for scaling. The knife shown is a prototype design that has been improved with the new design of gut hook that may be seen below in the Offset Grip Fish and Shushi Knife.

 Base Price $300 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Right Handed                     Handle Material

 __Left Handed                      __Jade Green

  __Micarta                               __Cocoabolo


 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips is $70.


 Offset Grip Fish and Shushi Knife

 Shushi and Fish knife bent prototype

Although not easily seen in this photo there are two bends in this blade neither of which are at right angles. This is a prototype knife made of T 410 stainless steel and there will be a few blanks available for sale at the Atlanta Blade Show June 3-5 at table 16-U.

 Related in concept to the Fish Knife, the offset grip allows the knife blade to be held vertically while the wrist is in a more natural, and comfortable, inclined position. This design allows the user to look directly down at the cut, as when slicing Shushi or Lox. The Fish and Shushi knives have the same blade, but the bends in the handle are reversed. In the Shushi Knife the point faces towards the user, but in the Fish Knife it faces away. The angle of the grip may be adjusted by gentle bending, and such adjustments will be made at the table during later Blade Show events in Atlanta and elsewhere.

 Starting with flat blanks getting the correct bend of these blades is a complex task, best done with the ultimate user in hand.

 Base Price $400 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Fish Knife                      Handle Material

 __Sushi (Lox) Knife               __Jade Green

 __Right Handed                    __Cocoabolo

 __Left Handed                        __Micarta               


__Your material     


*Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to sharpen gut hook is $70. Blade bending to reset handle angle is free if done in the presence of the knife’s owner. If necessary to be done by mail order specify the exact number of degrees and direction of the bend. The first re-bending is free.

Subsequent ones are $50. Grip re-shaping or replacement is $150 depending on the material required. If suitable, a knife using the handle material that you furnish can be made for an additional charge of $50.


 Long Grip Slicer

Long handled slicer on pegboard

This prototype blade has a re-ground point that is intermediate between the pencil point and the truncated point designs generally offered in Hovey’s Knives. As with all such points the knife may be grasped at the front of the blade to do delicate cutting tasks.

Available with either a pencil or truncated point this slicer’s grip is unusually long to allow the hand to be further away from the large joint of meat that he may be slicing. The oval ring on the slicer fits in the palm of the hand and allows for unusually good control for well-supported forward and backwards cuts. This knife is offered with a single ground blade (recommended) or with a double-ground blade. The upswept grip and relatively distant position of the hand with the index finger over the forward part of the grip offers unusual control of this relatively large knife. The point allows a slice of meat to be speared and placed on a serving dish.   

 Base Price $400 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                       __Micarta

 __Right Handed                      __Cocobolo

 __Truncated Point                   __Cherry*

 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips is $70.



The Small Butcher

Small butcher on pegboard

This derivation of the butcher knife is handled in Cocobolo wood and made of carbon steel. Production knives will be in 440C stainless.

 Looking somewhat more like regular butcher knives, this knife has a sweeping curve on its blade and a weight-forward feel while positive control is assured buy the oval grip fitting in the palm. It is smaller than a conventional American butcher knife to appeal to home cooks and Chefs who may be smaller than usual and feel more at home using the smaller knife.  

  Base Price $350 + $50 if use your grip materials

 __Single Ground Blade               Handle Material

 __Double Ground Blade               __Jade Green

 __Left Handed                                __Micarta

 __Right Handed                              __Cocobolo

 __Truncated Point                            __Cherry*

 *Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50. Sharpening is $40 and blade regrinding to remove chips is $70.


Rib Flipper (Billy Joe Roubideaux’s Rib Flipper)


 Billy Joe s Rib Flipper prtotype

This rib flipper is made of salvaged steel and fitted with a hand-fitting, but non-symmetrical grip. Inspired by those who must make do with what they have, production models of the flipper will be made from 400C stainless steel, have the two square cutouts in the blade and be gripped to fit a horizontal hold by right or left-handed individuals. It will also be offered in two grips. This is the first of a series of open fire and barbeque cooking aids that will be offered by Hovey’s Knives of China.

 This tool looks as if it had been made by Billy Joe Roubideaux, a pit master who made bar-be-que of questionable legality in the vanishing world of the Mississippi Delta below Lafayette, Louisiana. Billy Joe would have used what he had to make the tools that he needed. This Rib Flipper was derived from a piece of scrap steel shaped like a dog’s leg and is handled with Tea Olive, an unusual native wood. There is no point or sharp edges on this tool. Its grip is non-uniform and is carved to fit into the palm of the hand when held horizontally. The reach of the blade allows it to flip a small rack of wild-hog ribs that are being blackened over a flaming grill.

 The blade shown is the prototype and will be offered in two lengths. The length shown here is for home cooks and one with an extended metal section is for those who cook on larger grills. The extended version is made of heavier metal and has a longer two-handed grip. The rib flipper is for small racks of ribs, chickens and the like and not for flipping a whole hog. Another, stronger tool will be made for handling entire carcasses. Extended Rib Flippers will be occasionally run when heavier knives like The Cleaver (not ready yet) and Cabbage and Duck Choppers are cut.    

 Base Price $350 + $50 if use your grip materials

                   $425 for extended length version

 __Right handed regular length   Handle Material

 __Left Handed regular length      __Tea Olive*

 __Right Handed extended length    __Cherry**

 __Left Handed extended length    

 *Tea olive is an uncommon wood and nicely figured and wormy material may not always be available, but a small amount is available for these and other knives at present.

 **Cherry is a natural wood, is not safe for water immersion and may chip if dropped on a hard surface. One grip replacement/exchange will be made for free. Subsequent replacements are $50.

Hand Trace


Outline your hand on this page with a ball-point pin






























Order Sheet


Hovey’s Knives of China

1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd.

Sandersville, GA 31082

(478) 552-7455


Name 1.________________________________________


Name 2.________________________________________






Zip Code_______________________________________


E-mail address_________________________________




Telephone no.__________________________________


Cell Phone_____________________________________


Payment Method Cash__ Money Order__Company Check__

               Pay Pal (add 20% surcharge)___



Item and Options



­­Number Product             Price  Options   Total



__    Custom 3-knife set $10,000            _____

__    Small Utility          300      50    _____

__    Medium Utility         350      50    _____

__   Bok Choy Chopper        400      50    ­­­_____

__   Pepper and Small Veggy  400      50    _____

__   Cabbage and Duck        550      50    _____

__   The Point               200            _____

__   The Point Square pencil 200            _____

__   The Point Square trun.  200            _____

__   Fish Knife              300      50    _____

__   Offset Fish Knife       400      50     _____

__   Long Grip Slicer        400      50     _____

__   Small Butcher           350      50     ­­_____

__   Rib Flipper Regular     350      50     _____

__   Rib Flipper Extended    425      50     _____



Total                                      ——


Ga. State Tax 8 percent                    ——


Shipping 10% of order                      ——


Packing and shipping 10% of order          ——


If paid by Pay Pal add 20 percent of order ——


Total cost of order    ——————


Payment may be made in cash, by P.O. from recognized company or by money order.  No credit cards at this time.

The Choppers: Large, Medium and Small

Perhaps the most utilitarian of all of the Hovey’s Knives of China™ designs are the choppers which all have long flat blades with either single or double grinds designed for uniform cutting of vegetables or meats on flat cutting surfaces. Most Chinese dishes contain chopped components. More than 2,000 years ago during The Waring States Period before the rise of imperial China, the Chinese culture was the most advanced in the world.

There were state banquets for hundreds of people and a variety of bronze cooking tools, including many knives, were designed for specialized tasks. Bronze has the disadvantage of becoming  brittle and failing when subject to repeated impacts. Consequently, knives used to cut large vegetables, like cabbage, and meats, like smoked duck, relied on the pressure applied to the backs of large heavy blades to cut the items, rather than the force of a downward chop, as we would do today with a steel cleaver.

Other features of many of these cast bronze knives was a distinctive oval-ring handle designed to both fit into the palm of the hand and a suspension point when the knife was hung on a chopping block or on a board beside the kitchen’s work table. Hanging provided ready accessibility and prevented the edges from being dulled by banging against each other in a drawer or box.

The Cabbage and Duck Chopper is the largest of this series with a blade more than a foot long and a large up-swept  handle having the distinctive palm-filling oval at the end. This is a large knife intended for large cooks who intends to cut large food items by using manual force on the top of the blade to cut through them. This knife is offered with either single or double-ground edges and with or without a point.  Points on these heavy knives adds a bit of danger because if they fall from a table they will penetrate any boot. Having  truncated points on these blades removes this danger and gives  an additional utility to the knife for use as a spatula to scoop up and transfer materials; although the entire blade may also be used for that purpose.

Snapshot 3 (3-21-2016 10-42 AM)


Two of  Hovey’s Knives of China™ chopping knives. The larger held in hand is the Cabbage and Duck Knife and the one on the table is the smaller  Bok Choy.  

The Bok Choy is a smaller, thinner-bladed and lighter weight chopper than the Cabbage and Duck Knife ideally suited for individuals with average-sized hands. Whereas its larger brother can handle whole cabbages without any problems, the Bok Choy is more at home working bok choy, as the name indicates, and quartered cabbages. It is also an excellent general purpose chopping and cooking knife, and I often find myself reaching for it when I cook at home or when giving demonstrations.

This knife is sold in either a pencil-point style or with a squared-off point. Both styles have the blade ends ground so that the points may be used for delicate trimming, cutting meat into designs or reaching into joints to cut connective tissues, although the delicate point is not to be used as a prying instrument. This thin point will fail, and it may be restored by re-grinding the blade, or if broken converting the blade into the blunt-ended style. In either case the functionality of the knife will be completely or mostly restored.

These knives are precision instruments and should be treated and stored with care. Slip on edge covers are sold for cooking knives and are highly recommended for use on these blades. Contact with other knives and steel tools in a drawer will dull the edges much more rapidly than use.

The Pepper and Small Veggy Knife  is another of the chopper family and differs from others in this series in that it has a straight handle, 10-inch blade, truncated point and is ground on one side of its 2-inches wide  blade. It shares with others of  Hovey’s Knives of China™ knives the distinctive oval-ring handle and scooped out cut above its square point to enable the blade to be grasped at the front end and the point used for fine cutting, such as removing the seeds from a pepper.

The blade is long enough to work an average-sized baked potato into French Fries, but is especially designed to work dried and fresh peppers of all sizes. Its flat sharp blade on a cutting surface will allow dried chili peppers to be efficiently chopped as fine as needed for salsas and other dishes. The use of chopped peppers to make various sauces and to season foods is as common in Asia as it is in South America.

An advantage of having a flat terminus on the blade is that it can be used to push, or even crush, pepper seeds on the cutting board when it is desired to remove the seeds so that the dish does not become overly hot. Although this knife looks something like a cleaver with less depth of blade, it is a slicing and dicing instrument and is not to be used for forceful chopping.  The thin edge of the single-ground blade will  likely chip if brought into forceful contact with bone. As a custom-order item, this knife can be made with a stronger chopping edge, should the customer desire.

A firm non-rotational grip in the hand is assured by the oval-ring ending of the grip which when held in the palm is retained by three fingers and the thumb with the index finger over the top of the grip to guide the blade. This natural grip allows great control over the blade and the amount of pressure applied to the material being cut. While straight-down chopping is this knife’s strong point, it may also be drawn across a potato for efficient slicing. If you cannot view the video below, you may use this direct link to You

Right and left-handed versions of this knife will be made to enable left-handed users to make more efficient use of this knife’s operational features by not having to change hands to accurately direct cuttings swept off the surface of a board.

The Large Utility Knife is the smallest of the chopping knives and bridges the gap between a blade used mostly as a pairing knife and the larger chopping knives. Most people with medium to large hands who might want to chop brocolli, carrots,  small potatoes and salad greens will find comfort in using this larger than normal utility knife because it is more controllable, offers a firmer upswept grip and feels less like a wiggly wand when called upon to do taskas that are out of its league. This is not a knife for everyone, but for those who always wanted a knife that fit them and never could find one, it will be welcomed.

Utility knives are offered with single or double ground blades and with truncated points with a releaf cut on top of the blade for better control of the point for delicate work. On single ground blades, right and left handed models will be available.

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The Point Series: Based on the Acheulean Hand Ax

One of man’s most primitive worked tools that dates back to at least 1.7 million years ago at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania likely holds the record as man’s oldest complexly worked tool in continuous use. Its spread from Africa throughout Asia and its popularity likely peaked about 10,000 years ago when modern man and Neanderthals met and apparently cohabited on the Eurasian continent. While replaced by metal implements in most of the world, primitive cultures in New Guinea make very similar implements today.

Hovey’s Knives of China’s™ The Point Series is manufactured of modern metals with points of various shapes and short blade lengths designed for cutting soft materials such as dough and pressed meat and doing delicate work such as skinning out big-game heads. Their flat shapes make them easy to store and transport. As the knife is held relatively near the center of gravity in the palm of the hand, the point is easily guided to make precise cuts by the index finger resting on the top of the blade. This makes designing cuts as easy as waving a finger and operates much more comfortably than using a razor blade or conventionally-handled knife.

The Point Square has a large rectangular cut-out in the blade designed to hold the fingers of a small hand  while the below the cut-out allows a person with a larger hand to wrap his fingers around the rear of the knife without being cut. As with all of this series the blade is guided by the finger during cutting to allow for precise control.  Two point styles are offered. A pencil point, shown, is for cutting of soft objects and the stronger tanto-style point is for working leather and cutting designs from balsa or other soft woods.

002 The Point Square with a pencil point is show here after cutting pressed meats into ribbons for use in a pasta dish. This enables the meat to be incorporated into the spaghetti and rolled up on a fork or eaten with chop sticks, rather than being cut into bits. 

The Fish Knife is designed after the Eskimo Ulu, but with a longer point, right angle rear point containing an effective gut hook and a handle that has a palm swell to comfortably fill the palm of the hand. In use the knife fits into the palm with the index finger running down the length of the pointed cutting blade for maximum feel and control. This knife is designed for use on salmon, tuna and similar-sized fish. If a Chef received a box of fish in the kitchen the gut hook is used to cut the string and/or tape  on the top of the box and with two cuts on the ends cut any tape holding the lid. Once the fish is removed and secured onto a cutting board, the fish is scaled with the long blade held transverse to the length of the fish. The scales are wiped from the blade and the back used to open the fish with two strokes on either side of the backbone. The long blade is then used to separate the meat from above the ribs and spine and cuts made behind the gills and in front of the tail. The fillet is then laid out on one side, the skin cut and the fillet removed for final clean up and packaging or use. The fish is flipped over and the other fillet removed. Then the roe or any other desired internal organs are removed and the remainder of the carcass sent for rendering, to the soup pot, for fermentation or ground for agricultural use.

The first use of the prototype blade on a large sea-trout indicated that I needed to do additional work on blade design, although this use proved the utility of the basic design. Other considerations are offering this knife with a non-slip handle material, realizing that it will be used in an environment heavy with fish slime by a person wearing rubber gloves. Although the smoother handles look better on display, the synthetic grips would be far more practical in use. when handling rough fish.

If the fish came to a kitchen as fillets, then the more attractive wooden and smooth synthetic grips would be an interesting and colorful addition to the prep table at the sushi bar.  A video showing the use of the knife appears below and if you have any trouble seeing it here is a direct link to YouTube

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Hovey’s Knives of China Small Fruit and Utility Knife

Feeding one’s family and friends should be more than putting out safe, eatable food. After all, we do as much when we slop hogs. Fixing and eating meals should bring pleasure to both the person preparing the food with love and care and to the person who is consuming it with appreciation and grace. Hovey’s Knives of China’s™ newest prototype knife is the Small Fruit and Utility knife that is designed for the typical homemaker (whoever she or he might be) and Professional Caterers.

Typical of  many of Hovey’s Knives of China,™ products, this knife has an oval-ring grip; but this grip is straight and smaller that the other knives introduced thus far. The knife is designed for smaller individuals for general uses in the kitchen, such as cutting small fruits and vegetables. A larger utility knife will be introduced in the near future. The Small Utility knife is suited for light-duty use as shown in the video below where it helps to prepare an inexpensive breakfast in 15 minutes that includes home-cooked oatmeal, eggs, toast, fruit, nuts and coffee.


In the hand the Small Fruit and Utility  Knife has a desirable degree of weight and heft that gives a sense of power to the user that is not present with light-weight knives. The knife is eminently controllable and do precisely as directed without fear of the blade bending under pressure. Its sharp straight edge makes for efficient chopping on flat surfaces and much cleaner cuts that with serrated-edged blades. These cleaner cuts mean smaller amounts of fluids are lost from plant or animal tissues and any mix remains drier as a result.

In addition to home use, this knife might also be called the Caterers’ Friend, because this is a safe, versatile knife that can be taken to an event that is so distinctive that it cannot possibly be confused with anyone else’s knife, has a squared-off point as to be as safe as any useful knife might be and this point is also useful for spreading condiments or prepared mixes of any sort. This knife makes an ideal gift to present to a caterer after a successful event or as recognition of the excellent quality of the service that has been rendered by any cook. Ultimately, this knife will also be available in a presentation box.

The original bronze knives which inspired me to design this line of modern cooking knives were last in common use before the rise of Imperial Rome. Then, Chinese civilization was very highly developed and cooking methods and traditions enabled by the unique designs of these knifes can now be re-imagined and rediscovered. The strongly scooped points enable the user to guide the point by grasping the front of the knife with his fingers  with extreme precision compared with conventional European or Japanese knives.  This is true even if the point is cut-off square instead of being sharply pointed.

These knives that I design and sell under the Hovey’s Knives of China™ brand are Open Source Designs in that they may be made by any knife maker or company. I will allow my name and trademark to be used in connection with these knives for 5% of the retail price. In return, if the maker will send me samples and they are up to quality standards, I will feature them on my blogs and videos and display them when I attend trade shows. These knives will make their first appearance at The International Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta June 3-5. I will be at booth 16 U. If things go as planned, I will have blanks of some patterns that are water-jet cut from T-410 steel for sale to individual makers. Bulk orders may also be placed by companies which will be drop shipped from the fabricator in Atlanta.

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